‘We‘ are no organisation or formal group of people but those who got engaged in the process. Some of us knew the victim and were present at the time the abuse happened, others had no personal connection to either the victim or the perpetrator. What brought us together was the idea of overcoming the silence around this issue and taking it seriously. With the publication of this website we close a chapter in this process and there are no functioning groups that will continue to meet.

A support group of the victim will check the email address provided in the open letter for the next few months: The victim is organized in the German radical left organisation interventionist Left (iL). The group has given itself a guideline on how it deals with cases of sexualised violence and has created permanent structures that victims can turn turn to to find support:

If you are looking for support in cases of sexualised violence, this is not an extensive list, but these might be useful contacts:

If you want to read more into community accountability and transformative justice, you might find these websites helpful:

Here are two books that some people who were part of the accountability process found useful to read to get their heads around some basic dynamics with regards to sexualised violence:

  • Judth Hermann: “Trauma and Recovery”
  • Lundy Bancroft: “Why does he do that?”

And here you can download this website as pdf: